HSBC Golf 'LIVE' Challenge

If you follow me on Twitter, or if you 'Like' thedramadiaries page on Facebook, you've probably read about my getting overly excited over larger-than-life golfballs, complain about the scorching heat, amongst other things late this morning at the HSBC Golf 'Live' Challenge at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. This is one of the events that lead up to the incredibly exciting HSBC Women's Champions 2011.

Together with Angela, Holly and Adrian, we braved the heat at the first tee off this morning. Instead of a golf club, all you need is an iPhone, the HSBC Golf app, and you'll be all set to climb the scoreboard to win a whopping S$10,000 in HSBC’s Multi Currency Savings Account.

Basically, you have to play golf on your phone. Go round the 8-hole golf course in the civic plaza and try score as many hole-in-ones as possible. I managed one before the app hanged on me - I couldn't be arsed to go back to Hole 1 because let's face it, I wouldn't win the 10 Gs anyway. Heh. But you could! I did have fun whilst it lasted:

Check out the boys on the right laughing at how useless I was at virtual golf. It's not even the real thing!

Angela tries her hand at the second hole...

And gets annoyed she didn't get a hole-in-one:

Holly, on the other hand, multi-tasks - photography, looking hot, and virtual golf. Girlfriend gots some skills. ;o)

So head down to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza this weekend and try your hand at it - you might just win that $10,000! It's on on Saturday, 22 Jan 11am - 9pm and 23 Jan 11am - 5pm. Visit the HSBC Women's Champions 2011 website for more information.

And here's the best part: thedramadiaries is giving away three pairs of tickets to the HSBC Women's Champions 2011. To win, email me at and answer this - What are the tournament dates for the HSBC Women's Champions 2011?

* Contest ends 6pm, 2nd Feb and winners will be announced via Facebook & Twitter.