Eleven Things To Do in 2011

Travel Alone

I can say I have travelled the world alone. I have been pick-pocketed at a Christmas market in Germany, I've spent two nights in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport because I missed a flight and couldn't get a next one out, I've watched the sun set over the Angkor Wat, I've gone to random house parties with random people I've met randomly at a random coffee house [yes, all that randoms in one sentence was intentional], I've spent hours and hours at end people watching, bus-hopping, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere after missing a train... and many more.

I've done the best of my travels with myself and I have a lot more of the world to take on. I suggest everyone travel alone as many times in their lives as they possibly can - it's incredible. People say travelling with a lover is the best way to work out how compatible you are with him, but with yourself, you discover you can do things you never thought you could, meet people you would never imagine meeting, and best of all, you'll find yourself in the most magical places in the world, and you don't want to share it with anyone else but yourself.

Own really hot, sexy lingerie

While hot lingerie may be a treat for your lover, buying yourself a good pair of knickers always makes you feel good. Ditch the granny panties, and stop buying useless Cotton On Body crap - get some delish Agent Provocateur [check out their bi-annual sale - I just got awesome new lingerie!], and trust me - you'd want to take your clothes off more often. ;o)

Love Your Body - And If You Don't, Quit Complaining & Do Something About It

It took almost seven years in the fashion/media business but I've come to the realisation that I'll never be a skinny minnie. I love food too much to be skinny, and I'm not built to be skinny. I have a lot of body issues, but I don't hate my body as much as I did before - it took a lot, a change in lifestyle, a change in mentality, and a shitload of working out. It's excruciating sometimes, to yank yourself out of your comfy couch and go for a run, but it makes a lot of difference when you do. And boy, does it feel nice when you notice how awesome your legs look in a short skirt - or when your love interest does too!

Choose A Perfume

While not all of us can afford a bespoke scent, I think it's very classy for a woman to have a scent she uses frequently. I have two perfumes I use all the time, that I've been using for a few years now, and will continue to use for a long time to come. One is for daily use, and the other, for special occasions. I imagine my grandkids fishing out my phenomenal Desigual coat [that I've already decided will be a family heirloom] and catching a whiff of my awesome perfume. Ah, one can dream...

Date an Older Man

Granted, I've dated men older than me all my life, but I'm telling to do this not just because it's hot. You learn a lot from your lovers and partners in general, but it makes a significant difference when he's older than you. It's nice to have someone take the lead, and it's nice to have someone know a lot more than you and teach you things you'd actually like to learn and find out. And well, let's face it, older men are much hotter than clueless twenty-somethings. ;o)

Accept Compliments, and Say Thank You

So many women find it hard to accept a compliment. Instead, they'd brush it off and say something negative about themselves instead. So the next time someone tells you that you look amazing, say thank you and that the hours at the gym busting your ass must've worked!

Learn How To Blow Like A Pro

Yes, I do mean both sense of the phrase - learn how to give good head, and learn how to blow your hair like a pro. I don't recommend you do both at the same time, but you can learn the latter here.

The former, you'll have to learn somewhere else. My mother watches the videos I make. [Hi mum!]

Love Your Family, Forgive Your Parents.

So many of us have issues with our parents and our family, and because of how much more closely-knit the family unit in the Asian culture is, I've noticed that there tends to also be a lot of unnecessary family drama where it isn't needed. My fucked up paternal family, for instance. If you can't get love from family, where else can you get it? Dump the negative bits, and love your family. As for your parents, maybe they've messed up, and maybe they're still messing up, but you know what? They're doing the best they know how. Learn from their mistakes and not do the same to your kids.

Complain Less

All of us stumble through life blindly, we don't know what's coming up next. Some of us get really lucky and just breeze through everything, and others, like you and me, keep falling down and try to pick ourselves up and wonder why bad things happen to good people. Why good things never happen to you. Why you have to be stuck in the rain without an umbrella and all the cab companies' phone lines are jammed. Why you're still single. Why the drivers in the morning never give way. Why she can wear heels better than you can. Why she's so skinny even though she's stuffing her face 24/7. In 2011, complain less, live a little more. Stop complaining about the people around you, or how everyone else has it better than you do. Focus on what you can do to better yourself and your quality of life.

Find Something You're Really Good At

You don't want to have a mid-life crisis and end up being depressed at your lack of achievement. Find something you're really good at, and continue doing it. If you've always been good at painting and enjoyed it, find time to do it. If you've never tried cooking and always envy people who can, try your hand at it - you might never know you have a natural gift. That's actually how I found out I could cook!

Fall in Love

I know this is a tall order. I'm not expecting you to walk out and fall in love with the next available man or woman you meet. I'm expecting you to find passion. Whether it is a person, a language, a form of social media, a gadget, a director whose movies you can't stop watching, a baby, an author whose books you weep over. Anything, anything at all. I want you to find that manic kinda passion, that unadulterated, mind-blowing manic kinda love that sends shivers through your spine and makes your toes curl. It gives you a spring in your step, and a smile on your face, and trust me, your year would be much better when you find it. ;o)