On Set: Seventeen Singapore March 2011

If there is one person I could have on set with me all the time, it's Andrea. I should probably stop proclaiming my undying love for her on thedramadiaries, because you're probably sick of it already, but I can't help it. A couple weeks ago, Alisa got me to fill in last minute for a Seventeen shoot. It's waaay different from the shoots I've been doing, but it's a breather. I loved mucking around with clothes I'd actually wear on a daily basis for a change, and here's the video Andrea made [Alisa talks too much in it, as always]:

Styling & Art Direction: Alisa Chopard & Faz Abdul Gaffa; Hair, Makeup & Nails: Andrea Claire using MAC Cosmetics and OPI Nail Colour (or color, depending on where you are reading from); Photography: Ellen Lim