A Day in the Life of a Fashion Ed

Thru an exchange of emails, Andrea whipped up my schedule, and it's too funny/ too true not to share:

Day 1 8:30 In taxi 9:00 In Starbucks 9:15 Lined up waiting for Zara to open for returns 10:30 Press junket for Lady Gaga 12:00 Lunch with Versace PR 13:00 Needed the toilet - too much high fibre bread with lunch 13:30 Aldo pulling for shoot 13:45 Charles & Keith pulling for shoot 14:00 La Senza pulling for shoot 14:30 Rush to office to respond to emails/drop off clothes 15:45 In taxi to go to shooter's studio to check over selects from shoot day previous. 16:45 In taxi to return to office for meeting 18:00 On way home in taxi - day/job well done

Day 2

8:30 On metro since jackasses haven't paid me yet 8:45 Still on metro - some issue with the track - train delayed 9:15 In panic - need to be at office but no funds for taxi 10:00 Roll into office fighting off dirty looks as to why I am late 11:00 Late for press junket/runway show for Betsy Johnson - missed interview time with her since I was delayed on the metro 13:00 Lunch with clients - cannot pay for lunch as the magazine never paid me - looking awkward as the clients thank me for lunch and I slide the check back saying 'oh, no-no; thank YOU for lunch' - sheepishly walk out of restaurant 14:30 Client from lunch cancels meeting we pre-arranged for advertorial I pitched they feel ' the mag is not right for them.' I should have bought lunch- next time offer to do dishes in lieu of payment 14:45 Try to pitch to other clients an advertorial idea - blacklisted as rumours of lunch has skipped through all the clients 15:30 Coffee from hawker stall as my friend is buying 16:15 Respond to emails 16:17 Done - hmmm not as many emails as people are no longer contacting me at my sinking ship 16:30 Bored to tears 17:00 Meeting with supplier 17:20 Surfing the internet for ideas and inspiration 18:30 Where has the time gone??? walking home as I have no metro fare. 21:00 Finally got home tired, sore feet - why did I wear these 5 inch f%^&ing heels?? oh right - I'm a kick ass fashion editor and can.

Day 3

8:00 Shoot day. Fielding questions of payment for last shoot. 12:00 Break for lunch - I share a kitkat with the crew and tell the model she is too fat anyway 13:00 Back to shoot 16:00 Wrap our 10 pages 17:00 - 19:00 returns of clothes from the day 20:00 Get home - whew long day.

Disclaimer: This was all in fun. No models were starved during any shoots and no offence to any donkeys.