Scalloped Edge

I've a new obsession - scalloped edges. Somebody recently asked me to describe my style, and I found that very hard to do. How do you describe my seemingly eclectic wardrobe made up of high street must-haves, quirky vintage pieces and the once-in-a-blue-moon designer splurge? I think I've become quite girly in the past few years - I rarely wear pants or shorts for one thing, and the poofier it is, the more I probably like it. Which is why I love scalloped hems. It's so feminine, like you seriously couldn't get anymore feminine than scalloped edges unless Hello Kitty and Tinkerbelle decide to both explode on the single piece of garment.

Here are some pretty scalloped pieces:

All from ASOS: Pique Chelsea Scalloped Shift Dress; Scallop Detail Shift Dress; Embellished Scalloped Hem One Shoulder Dress; Scalloped Hem Shorts.

Any guesses which one of the above has very recently graced its presence in my wardrobe?

Thread Social Colour Block Silk Dress; Green scallop collar dress; H&M Party Ready Collection [in stores 10 Feb - anybody can get me this dress?!]

What do you reckon? Even if you're not a big fan of scalloped edges, you must like scalloped potatoes... right? :o)