Glee Crush: Darren Criss

I like boys with curly hair [and boys with shaved heads, but that's another crush for another time], so when you put a curly-haired boy in a blue and red blazer who's belting out wicked covers week after week on my Mac screen, I really can't help but to have a schoolgirl crush on 'em.

You know who I'm talkin' about: Darren Criss, the 24-year-old actor and singer/songwriter from San Francisco who plays Blaine, Kurt's love interest in Glee. For those who are curious, Criss may be playing a very cute gay boy in the hit TV series, but he's in real life, a very cute straight boy. Either way, I'm crushin' on him. And his cover of When I Get You Alone in the latest episode of Glee would demonstrate why he's stealing a lot of hearts:

Seriously. How cute is this boy?!