All Things Bizarre

I had a photographer trail me around some time last year [before my haircut, clearly] for a project I agreed to be a part of. I was looking through the CD of images I was sent and God, I make a lot of expressions in a very short period of time. Some expressions I didn't know I was capable of making! Totally weird. Other weird things plaguing my thoughts at the moment:

* I have a stalker who has my number. Harmless text messages, but still bothers me.

* I have to interview male strippers on Tuesday morning. I'm tempted to ask them whether their mothers have seen them strip. My friend Dewi suggested I ask them about the oil they use on their pecs, and what prevents chafing. Which comes to my next point:

* Why do women watch male strippers? I'd honestly rather watch a woman strip - and I think I'm pretty much as straight as they come. It's just more sensual, watching a female stripper than a male one, don't you think?

* And the ultimate weird state of existence that continues to boggle my mind: why do the 48 hours in one weekend seem so much shorter than any other 48-hour period? Mymindisblown.

Have a good weekend, kids.