An Evening of Firsts at the HSBC Women's Golf Champions Opening Reception

Holy shit, that's one longass title. When you get to a certain age, or a certain stage in life, firsts don't come too often. You pretty much have been there, done that [or done him or her] and you get so blase about a lot of things. Thankfully, the HSBC Women's Golf Champions Opening Reception at Raffles Hotel a couple hours ago was full of firsts and it kept me amused even till now as I recount the evening's conversations.

First #1: I turned up on time for an event, and the place was already chock-full of people. Us fashion people always turn up fashionably late - a safe guesstimate is half an hour, so events tend to begin half an hour to an hour from the stipulated time.

First #2: I hung out with the gorgeous Angela. We've been texting, Twitter-ing, Facebook-ing, Instagram-ing for months now and we've finally had time to chill out together - and I havta say I'm enjoying this girl's company and looking forward to our dates at the Tanah Merah Country Club this weekend.

First #3: I watched mushroom risotto get prepared in a mother block of cheese. Is this how people make risotto? It's wicked! I want a chef to whip out risotto out of a block of cheese when I get married!

First #4: I saw a copious amount of dessert and didn't devour it all. Mind over body, baby.

First #5: We met and hung out with the very cute and very talented Christabel Goh. The 22-year-old won the coveted place in HSBC’s Women’s Champions at local qualifying event and is set to kick major ass from tomorrow in the Championships. Before the evening kicked off, Christabel was given a customised poster, which mimics the very cool HSBC Women’s Champions campaign. 'Cept hers says - 100% golfer, 20 % rockstar:

Of course, on the way back to her car, there were massive posters of the famous female golfers lining the atrium of The Fairmont, so I made her pose with one of the posters. The girl's damn cute:

Good luck Christabel! I'm looking forward to the Champions this weekend! Follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-moment updates [and fashion faux pas onsite], follow HSBC Women's Golf Champions on Twitter, and finally, if you'd like, you can stalk Christabel on Twitter too.