Love List #42

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* Deep red nails While I'm not as obsessed with nail polish as Pam, I do like my nails painted a deep shade of scarlet. Not only is red my current colour obsession, my hideous toes look a lot better when it's the colour of wine, don't you think?

* Award season Tomorrow morning, I will get up willingly at an unearthly hour to head to Great World City to watch the live telecast of the Oscars on the big screen, complete with brunch thanks to the good people at Fox One Stop Media and Star Movies! I love red carpet, I love award season. Tingles in my toes and tummy!

* Learning to let people in Learning to let people in is a big thing for me because I've been brought up not to talk about my problems or my feelings. I'm trying to get over that, it's been a battle, to try and express how I feel but I'm at least I'm trying, right?

* Culinary Adventures If there's one reason why I'll never be skinny, it's because I love food too much. I love eating with my fingers, savouring the last bit of gravy, delving into the deep end of a new concept restaurant and I've started to develop a strong liking for Japanese food since my friends took me to a wicked awesome authentically Japanese joint in Singapore [more about that in a post to come] - oysters bigger than my iPhone? Yes, yes, a hundred times yes! Plus, Restaurant Week is a month away and I've three reservations for places I really want to dine at!

* Adele I can't believe she's only 22 - what a vocal powerhouse. Rolling In The Deep is on repeat when I go for my runs.

* Other worthy mentions 16 days to my next beach holiday/ CHEAT DAY! / Writing for Yahoo! / Backbreaking weekends that leave me wondering what the hell I was thinking/ Fucking awesome toothbrushes that make you feel like you've just been to the dentist every time you use it/  The Kids are All Right/ Target's GO International Designer Collective/ Looking forward to returns and visits from my favourite people - namely from Oz and Belgium [you know who you are!]/ My awesome Frankie organiser/ Birdcage jewellery/ Hunting for comfortable plain, black soft leather flats.

What's on your Love List this week?