The Babysitters' Club & Other Random Thoughts

While Andrea is being massaged into a pulp of blissful oblivion with her husband in Banyan Tree Bintan, I've taken the task of being the disciplinarian in the Koch household over the weekend. My duties are mainly to ensure that their two teenage daughters meet their curfew, and the adorable Zoie is sufficiently entertained.

Because I'm here so often, Andrea's home is like a second home to me, but it feels weird, because like right now, I'm typing this on the same couch I was probably writing this entry from a whole year ago, 'cept that I was in Texas.

On another note, have you ever looked through your photo albums, or your blog posts, or journal entries, or what-have-yous and still be in complete disbelief that how your life has turned out? All the places you've been, all the people you've met, all the things you've done? I still can't believe I've been to Texas, I still can't believe I've spent close to seven years of my life making a living writing and I'm still in complete awe of the incredible people I surround myself with all the time.

I may not have money spilling from my ears, I may not be toting around designer bags in every colour of the rainbow, but you know what? I can say I'm actually happy - and for someone who hasn't been happy for awhile, it's a long time coming, and I welcome blissfulness with wide open arms.