Insensitivity & Stupidity

I've been keeping up with the updates on the quakes, tsunamis and aftershocks.

  • In the northern Japanese town of Minamisanriku 9,500 people were missing
  • The Japanese government confirmed today that officials were battling to avert a disastrous nuclear meltdown as locals were urged to stay indoors and avoid drinking tap water. They were told to cover their faces with masks and wet towels if they are outside as shocking footage emerged of plumes of smoke exploding out of the reactor building.
  • More than 215,000 people were living in 1,350 temporary shelters in five regions and over 1million people were left without water.
  • The sheer destruction was estimated to top £7billion.

What fucking disgusts me is how people can make light of the situation. Whether it's jokes, sales opportunities, or passing insensitive remarks, I'm appalled by it all. Thousands of people have lost homes, people they love, the very institution that they have called home and are a part of their day-to-day lives, I don't know how people can joke about these things.

Of course, on the home front, the Singapore Parliament has quietly moved to increase the selected president's salary to $4,267,500, a hefty 20.8% quantum jump of $890,700. That's double the percentage increase of the financial assistance package for the poor, which was recently adjusted from $360 to $400 per month. [source] This much fucking money in the Parliament and guess who we send to Japan? 5 fucking rescue dogs. Ridiculous.

While I go run my rage off, here's a video of the cutest animal alive that will take your mind off the apocalypse that's about to happen in Japan when all the nuclear reactors explode [which will be pretty much like atomic bombs exploding]: