Love List #43

With so much devastation in the world, now is a good time, more than ever to give thanks and appreciate all the things you have and all the things that make you smile. * Transitions I'm transitioning into something new. Tomorrow marks my final day at It's been over a year of thrills, spills and whole lotta drama [e.g.: my first shoot with them was the time when Hermes got flooded! My team was almost 2 hours late because of the weather] and I've learnt alot. I now have a whole new level of respect or people in the wedding business. Happily-ever-after takes a lotta work. What I'm transitioning into? I have it under wraps still, until I have all the paperwork and all that jazz done. It's something that's a long time coming, and I think if I don't do it now, I never will. So here goes nothing!

* Vacay Of course, before I embark on a new adventure, I have to have another vacation, don't I? Come Wednesday, I'll be frolicking in the sweet beaches of Southern Thailand. If you've been to Koh Lanta and the islands around it and you've got a guide up your sleeve, holla!

* Places, Faces Speaking of holidays, I'm running out of places in the world to visit. Of course, my friends Maria and Miriam would say otherwise and have me visit them in Spain and London, but I'm itching to visit a new country. I haven't travelled on my own since my summer in Europe last year, so my itch to leave is understandable... isn't it? Of course, and then I chance upon Makanyane Safari Lodge. This place fucks all the places I've been to in the ass, and pumps its fist in the air in triumph. The lodge has a max capacity of sixteen guests and you can have elephants walking past your bedroom. I'm sold. [Of course, I don't think this is a place for me to travel alone. That'd just be depressing - me, fourteen other guests and an elephant. D'oh.]

* Donate to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief funds here.

* Being safe Over the years, there have been hundreds of disasters in the areas around Singapore, whether it's terrorism-related, or an act of God, Singapore has been unharmed. We are and have been protected in a little bubble, but this bubble has also bred selfish, insular and ignorant people who think that they deserve things handed over to them on a platter. While I don't wish for a natural disaster to come upon us, I think we need a wake up call of some sort, don't you think? Times when the world is in crisis, I often hang my head in shame. [And for those who are wondering what I've done - I've pledged what I can to the Red Cross, I'm hoping to plan a fund raiser and I'm seeking volunteer relief groups that are going to Japan to help - I'm there in a heartbeat if I can!]

Loving you, and leaving you, as always. What's on your Love List this week?