The Anywhere Travel Guide

Whilst J had done his research weeks in advance, I only printed off a couple of places to eat before we went on our journey to Southern Thailand. I was also armed with the Anywhere Travel Guide which was given to me by web travel store, The Occasional Traveller, which I wanted to put to good use.

Created by Magda Lipka Falck, this travel guide is nothing like your ordinary Lonely Planets or Rough Guides. It’s a guide that applies to any place, anywhere in the world, wherever your journey may lead. Compact and handy, these 60 flash cards each contain a unique travelling tip that will help you unearth new facts about new places, or rediscover familiar ones like never before.

After reading all the 60 cards and going through them on a trip, I must say they're very handy when you travel alone in a city. I found a 'buy a stranger a cup of coffee' flashcard that could be handy to pick up a fellow cute lone traveller as well, you know? ;)

The card above found me sprawled under a blue-and-yellow umbrella facing the Andaman Sea. Nothing to complain about fo' shizz:

This next card was used to hunt down good seafood near the pier:

This next card, was a 'lil hard to use in Thailand. I couldn't imagine the picturesque beaches any other way.

Here's a cool project I thought of that could be really cool. If you're travelling in the near future, or you live outside Singapore, let me send you my copy of the Anywhere Travel Guide, and you can go round and do a post with photos just like this one for thedramadiaries and I'll post it up! Then, the Anywhere Travel Guide will go somewhere else in the world to help show off another wanderlust come true! What do you think? Leave your email and where you live/ where you're going if you're interested!

P.S.: If you'd like the Anywhere Travel Guide for yourself or for a friend who's all kinds of obsessed with globe trotting, it's available, together with a great bunch of travel accessories and must-haves at The Occasional Traveller!