Newfound Beach Bum

I've never been a beach person until very recently. For years, my travelling has seen me traipsing all over the major cities in the world - from New York, Berlin and Amsterdam, to London and all the way down south in Sydney. But now that I've been morphed into a beach bum, I can think of nothing better than the feeling of soft, soft sand between your toes, and the sweet sound of waves crashing onto shore.

Of course, I'd be spritzing sunblock every couple of minutes whilst sitting in the shade and be squirming in my seat everytime I hear the weird creaking noise lizards make, or worse, the croak of a frog. But when you're floored every time you look out of the window into the never-ending ocean, all that is worth it.

And now, after looking at my long to-do list unsure where to start, I've been looking up more places in the region to go to and I'm in sheer disbelief at the staggering choices of pristine beaches and postcard-perfect blue waters. How have I not known this?! All I need is Wifi and my office can be anywhere in the world, can't it? ;o)