Home is Where the Heart is.

While my career aspirations are currently all topsy turvy and off the hook, my material aspirations are a little bit more humble. Unlike a lot of people who work in fashion, my material aspirations don't involve a Birkin, or a pair of custom-made Louboutins - somewhere in the near future, I'd like my own home.

I don't see myself owning a home in this city, even though this is where my business now is, but I'd like to be able to wake up to the creaking of floorboards and looking out to my floor-to-ceiling windows from my four-poster bed, or hear the old building breathing, and caress the walls, knowing there were families and lives that lived here before I did.

I actually found an apartment just like this somewhere in the world. I won't tell you where [no, it's not in New York], but when I walked up the old staircase into the apartment, it felt I was living another life, and I knew there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to live in a place just like that.

Trust me to be able to romanticise the idea of home ownership, right?