Squinty Eyes & Hot Pink Pants

New glasses from some Japanese brand I can't pronounce nor spell; Striped top, Cotton On; Hot pink cropped pants and brown leather bag; both Zara; bag tag courtesy of Tod's & flats by Meher Kakalia.

I got my mother to snap a photo of me before I left for meetings this afternoon. This, unfortunately, will not happen too often because I can only get my mother to photograph me when I'm not wearing anything that's short, tight or low-cut which happens very occasionally. In addition, while my mother is brilliant at a lot of things, she's not the best photographer. She took this photo while I was in between blinks and about to laugh at her trying to photograph me.

I'm wearing my new prescription glasses that are awesome! My eye doctor told me I needed glasses, and the the thing is, it's only my left eye that's funky. Is that weird?

You can call me Lisa Faz "Left Eye" Lopez, now, thanks.

I popped by the Doorstep Luxury office this afternoon and I'm absolutely in lust with neon pink Diane De Marla bag, and this Blue Braided Marble Choker by Tuleste Market. This, coming from a woman who never wears necklaces, is quite the compliment. The choker is unreal!

Watch this space for more photos from my visit to their office!