Love List #45

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* Burritos Tortilla, chilli con carne, beans, pulled beef, rice, guac, sour cream and all the goodness in one dish? Thank God for Mexico.

* Carte Blanche-X I've been writing for Arissa Cheo's and Ting Lin's brainchild. You can read my writeups about the five most badass hotels in the world, and tributes to Yves Saint Laurent parts uno and dos.

* Girl Scout cookies Fatten up your friends or your family with this awesome recipe.

* Quotable quotes from kids.

* Stylish Moms You already know how obsessed I am with kids and babies, but I've recently developed a love for stylish moms. I know close to nothing about being a mom, but having watched friends who are, it's not an easy job and for those who can coordinate a chic little outfit in between tantrums and spitups deserve a pat on their backs a spa day.

* Speaking of babies, Joanna Goddard's baby boy, Toby, is going to break a lot of hearts some day:

* Boys in Briefs And then, moving on from cute babies, check out Adrian's coverage of practically nekkid boys at Men's Fashion Week.

* Working Out You know after a rockin' workout you wake up the next morning aching from head-to-toe as though you've completely ripped your insides apart? I fuckin' love that feeling.

* thedramadiaries on Facebook Are you a fan of thedramadiaries on Facebook yet? Awesome giveaways coming exclusive to fans on Facebook, so get on with the game, guys!

* Trips For the first time in my life, I'm planning a trip more than two months in advance. I'm going to be reunited in September with my favourite travelling partners, and you'll just have to watch this space to find out where in the world we're bringing our fab selves to.

* Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100. Sheer. God's gift to me. -kneels in worship-

* Currently on repeat:

* Other worthy mentions Weekends/ Sleeping in/ Kate's return from her EU trip/ Andrea's return from her China trip/ Beauty for Japan/ Looking forward to beach vacays & media trips/ Incredible clients I love working for and with!/ Feelin' loved.

What's on your Love List this week, kids?