I'm Your Stranger. Jump!

I remember exactly what I wore on my first job interview that led me to a web of passion in fashion - a purple v-neck Zara t-shirt [that I still have because I'm so bloody fond of it], jeans and a backpack that held my humongous Toshiba laptop. One of the very few questions my then-soon-to-be editor, Phin Wong, asked me was to name my five favourite movies. I remember exactly the movies I named, and I have since crossed two out of the list for two more [somewhat] recent ones, one of which, is Closer:

Why isn't love enough?

It's the perfect reflection of the human condition, particularly the dependence on romantic relationships; how dysfunctional and hyper-sexualized societies have become in their relationships. It is the tragic and perverse culmination of so-called sexual liberation.

It's about elusiveness of love and intimacy, it's about the helplessness of love and devastating heartbreaks and abandonments - it's four quests in search of happiness.