Anar & Other Stories

The fab Deb invited us to the opening of Anar - a gorgeous new Middle Eastern restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa. While a few years ago, I may be more than eager to slip on my Jimmy Choos [okay fine, my Jeffrey Campbells] and head to an event. these days I'm more picky. Thankfully, despite the pissing rain, Bhavna, Andrea and her husband and myself, made it out to Resorts World Sentosa for its launch.

The restaurant, which is a chain in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, looks like what I imagine Morocco to be. More polished for sure, it's got gorgeous chandeliers, beautiful rugs - and most importantly, the best part of any Middle Eastern restaurant - meat on a stick. Whoever invented skewered meat - you're a fucking genius.

I hate satay because I don't like burnt meat on a stick, plus, Malay satay hawkers are so stingy with the meat that I pay $0.40 per stick for. Half the time it's three-quarts fat, and one-quart meat. Seriously? I hope the fat you feed people come back and clog your arteries.

I digress. Middle Eastern meat on sticks is fabulous. So much so that I don't have a single photo of the 2 dozen sticks of lamb I probably wolfed down last night. I can, though, offer you a photo of the table centrepieces:

Andrea had cute green tights on with pink shoes. And next to me, in the photo, is one of the funniest people I know, Bhavna. Yes, I know, she's tiny. Which is why I wasn't in heels last night.

And because nobody takes photos of me except when I make them, here's one:

I know. Boobs. FML.