What a Conundrum

NYC, June 2009

As always, when it starts inching closer to my birthday, I start itching to travel. Unlike the past couple of years when I've travelled alone, I have a travel companion to drag around now, and, here's the problem. You'd probably smack me when I tell you this, but I do think I'm running out of places in the world to go to.

I contemplated Greece, until I realised that I will probably have a badass wedding that will happen in Greece to attend next summer. Of course there are places like Brazil, Morocco and Mexico, but they have to sorta be big trips that are planned well ahead of time, not my ridiculous, spur of the moment getaways that I'm terribly fond of conjuring from thin air.

Belgium, June 2010

I'm planning to head to the big US of A later in the year with my girlfriends, so I need to save money for that too. J suggested we go to Bangkok, or Hong Kong, and whilst both of the places are a whole lot of fun, they're also places that will see me stuff my face silly, or shopping. I feel like I need to indulge in more than that.

Basically, my criterias are:

  • I can spend more than merely four days there - I want to go away for six days at least and not want to tear my hair out from sheer boredom.
  • It's not astronomically pricey.
  • There are things to do and enjoy other than just shopping, eating and partying. Of course, those aren't exactly bad things and I could certainly do a holiday doing just that, but I miss museums and art galleries!
  • It is in the Asia Pacific region.
  • It is not Australia.

What do you think? Any ideas, fellow world travellers? ;o)