Silence on Set

I don't know why people say 'Silence on Set'. It's like a taunt, begging me to whisper something, even to thin air. Anyway, I'm working on a TV show that's all hush hush for now, so I can't tell you what it is. What I can tell you is that it will be aired at the end of July and I will be busting my balls for 17 hours every shoot day for eight episodes.

Shooting for TV is vastly different from styling for fashion shoots for magazines - for one thing, clothes  have to fit the talents and not pinned and stuffed to perfection, something I execute very well when it comes to suiting. On top of working to suit the talent's style preferences, it's also about fit, what looks good on camera, what doesn't work on camera, the location, comfort factors, amongst others. Holy crap.

I'm used to moving around and fussing about on set during a shoot, so all the waiting time when it comes to shooting for TV also kills me. I was on location for a whopping 16 hours yesterday and almost died. Of course, the wicked crew helped and it's only episode one... we'll see how it goes!