Love List #46

I know I've been pretty useless about updating my blog, and I apologise. If you see my skeds, and my to-do lists, you'd sympathise. But I'm not here to make excuses, here's Love List #46!

* General Elections Never in my life have I seen Singapore this abuzz about politics and I couldn't be more proud. People are getting educated, people are educating themselves, people care. Finally, people have a voice, we're saying out loud what we've wanted to say because everybody's doing it. Change is coming, and I can't wait for it to happen. For those who need a little catching up, here's something worth reading.

* Life List I have a bucket list, it could also be called a life list. Here's how to make yours, realistically.

* The Most Amazing Dress in the World Yesterday afternoon, after weeks of contemplation and caressing and multiple orgasms in the fitting room, I forked over money for The Most Amazing Dress in the World. I have never spent that much money on material goods, because I'd really rather just buy a plane ticket, but I thought I deserve it. And it makes me look sensational. I can't wait to show it to you.

* J A few of you have picked it up on Twitter, and some of you have commented on my posts asking who J is. J is someone I've been dating for a couple months now, and I completely lucked out with him. He's smart, funny, he loves spicy food [you have no idea how important that is unless you love spicy food yourself!] and we travel well together. You don't get a photo for now, though. You just have to keep coming back. :o)

* World Wide Web The Internet has opened a whole new world to me in the years I've been on it. I've made dozens of new friends, some of whom have become to be my very close friends today. Occasionally, I get terribly amusing emails from blog readers, or even eBay buyers like this one:

Anybody can guess what my answer is?

* Babies I LOVE children. I probably don't even need to tell you that anymore. The lovely Janice just delivered her adorbs bundle of joy a few days ago, and I couldn't be more thrilled for them! With parents that good looking, Little Naomi's gonna be a heartbreaker!

* Nikon D70 I'm selling my Nikon D70. Holler if you're interested! Comes with body, lens, 3 batteries and a charger and a 1 GB card.

* A revamp is due for a revamp. Any ideas, collaborators, creative peeps?

* NYC I can't wait to make my annual pilgrimage to NYC, and this time, with a bunch of girlfriends. newyorkcity & Kate Spade on Instagram get me all excited with their snaps, and so does this blog.

* Other worthy mentions Instagram/ Shooting in malls!/ My AWESOME puple & pink $25 Target suitcase/ my new portable garment steamer - NEVER will I have to iron my clothes again! / Looking forward to summer break/ SRT's Macbeth in the Park! / These shoes, these shoes and these shoes. In size 11. Thanks. /

Loving you, and leaving you, as always.

What’s on your Love List this week?