Petticoat & Scabbed Knees

Pink dress by ASOS, White petticoat by American Apparel, Brown leather bag by Zara & Lambskin handmade flats by Meher Kakalia.

A few nights ago, for the first time in my life, I fell in my heels. It was quite stupid because the heels were a measly three inches when I traipse around in five-inch ones all the time. I tripped over my own foot whilst getting out of a cab and I panicked.

No, not because I may have flashed people during my fall or that I fell right in front of a very crowded coffee shop; because let's face it, even in my unglamorous state having fallen out of a cab I look much less embarrassing than the Crocs-clad crowd in the coffee shop. I panicked because I was so bloody scared my dress was torn - it was not, thankfully. But I scraped my knees.

I have a rather high tolerance to pain, so needles and jabs barely bother me at all, but man, scraped knees are a complete bitch - it's annoying pain that reminds you that you have a healing body part every time you decide to move that said-part.

I almost decided to wear pants today because of my knees, but I'm so brown you can barely see the difference between the scab and my skin. Of course, I wish I did have pants on because I kept scraping the paperbags I was carrying against my knees. Idiot.

Here's evidence. The other knee is far more disgusting, so I won't subject you to that.

And in other news, lookie what gadgetry goodness I got myself today: