Another Andaman Sojourn

Phuket has always been one of those places I've thought to be filthy, laden with swarms of trashy Australian tourists with accents so thick nobody but another similarly trashy tourist would understand 'em. And it was - in the infamous Patong area of Phuket that is. Where J and I were, in Surin Beach, just 30 min from the undesirable chaos that was Patong, was idyllic. Thanks to Urban Journey, we called the stunning pool suite in Manathai Resort home for a few days, and what a home it was.

What five weeks of intense shoots, sourcing, writing and non-stop working through weekends and nights does to you:

We had a private plunge pool in our porch that you could skinny dip in if you wanted to, an ultra-comfy bed, a tub that fits two [three, if the third was a Thai woman. And no, this is not from experience.] and, my favourite part of any bathroom, a rain shower. The only gripe was that the water was not hot or strong enough.

Their in-house restaurant, Weaves, is to die for - and it's incredibly affordable. We had dinner there one night and order a red curry salmon dish, that is, by far, the best fish dish I've had in my life. Spicy, a little sour and so bloody good.

The picturesque beach and the turquoise Andaman sea was a mere 100 metres away from the resort, and the waves in this part of Phuket, well, they're not for kids. We were thrown around, hit in the head, and whacked about. It was like getting a massage in the sea - I loved it for a while, but I wished the waves were a little calmer.