A Taste of Mario

Since Denise and I were at Marina Bay Sands for the Blueprint Emporium, we decided to dine at Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza for dinner.

Despite being told that the waiting time was 45 min, we got a table in ten minutes and the dishes came very quickly. We shared Bone Marrow al forno, Calamari al forno with fagioli & oregano off their Antipasti selection, and we shared a Margherita pizza too.

The bone marrow, like all marrows, was rich and juicy, but it was served with garlic bread whose taste overpowered that of the marrow. The calamari, while it was succulent and good, was not a portion worth $18. And their Margherita pizza was just blah.

Da Paolo's Pizza Bar on Jalan Merah Saga still holds the record for the best pizzas in Singapore in my humble opinion. If you've never been there, try the seafood pizza, the four-cheese pizza or the fungi pizza. Sweet mother of god, so good.

As for Pizzeria Mozza, you won't be seeing me queueing and forking out my hard-earned dough there.

I'd rather scoot off and spend it at a fashion trade show, just like the dough we forked out at the Bangkoksmiths booth at Blueprint before dinner: