Goodbye, Friendster

Thanks to my my friend Julius, who probably spent his entire Tuesday evening going through his Friendster account, I decided to log on to mine as well. After several wrong passwords [which then made me realise how long ago I logged into the account], I went through the photos and the testimonials. Man, we were lame. ;o) 2003, freshman year in school

2004, Sentosa With Alisa. [She's going to murder me for unearthing this photo]

2004, at my first event when I was an intern with Phin & Jeremy

2004, second party on the first week of my internship

2005, with first colleagues At a Tangs x CATALOG Magazine event

Probably 2005, Tangs Xmas Party The Tangs team was a ton of fun then!

2006, Ministry of Sound Nurul's birthday 'do!

2007, Butter Factory [I think!] with my favourite boys!

FYI, while Friendster is not closing down, your photos and other info will probably be removed from the site.