Love List #47

My last Love List was a whole month ago, so I thought I'd whip one up pronto!

* Cervical cancer vaccination My arm may be sore and swollen, but I feel triumphant that I've completed all three doses of the vaccination over three months. In case you didn't know this already, this jab is the first of its kind against cancer. Go get it! If you're Singaporean and below 26 years old [I think!], you can use your Medisave to pay for it at a GP. I'd get all the jabs in the world if they could prevent all sorts of diseases!

* Bradley Cooper Unlike a lot of people, I actually am not fond of the French accent or the French language. I actually find the French generally annoying - they all seem to have something stuck up their asses. But Bradley Cooper speaking French in this interview is by far the hottest thing I've watched all week. Until I watch Hangover 2, I'm sure:


* Wanderlust I haven't been out of the country for a long period of time this whole year and I'm bouncing off the walls desperate to soak in a place outside the Asian continent. I'm planning a trip with my girlfriends in September and I wish it'd come sooner!

* Mexican food Burritos. Queso. And a Michelin-starred taco truck? I'm sold.

* Raybans Should seriously consider sponsoring me - it could be an 'Around the World in Raybans' ad, or a 'Never leave home without my Raybans' - because really, unless I go out at night, I never do leave home without them. My dad passed on his pair to me when I was a teen, I tried experimenting with different styles, but I went back to the same classic gold-rimmed aviators. When I lose them or they get old, I go back to buy the exact same pair and live in them again.

* Other honourable mentions Xmen tonight with J, and Hangover 2 soon!/ Bachelorette party tomorrow with my favourite girlfriends/ MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! [I don't know if I should feel depressed that I'm turning older, or that I should get excited cos' my birthday is in three weeks!]/ My brother as my personal trainer/ Lots and lots of writing gigs!

What's on your Love List, dolls?