Bachelorette Party Weekend

I have had quite the weekend, starting from about 7pm on Friday. It's been non-stop debauchery up till the wee hours of Sunday morning and I'm still in a horizontal position in my bed, groaning because Monday is impending.

We threw a farewell/ bachelorette party for one of my friends, Desiree, who's leaving to be Dubai tai tai this Wednesday and whilst the photos of the debauchery [we hired a hot Aussie stripper!] might generate more hits to this blog, my friends might behead me.

There are a few things I now know:

  • Getting a non-Chinese stripper in Singapore who looks like he could belong in Chippendales is actually possible. You just have to fork out for money for 'em.
  • KTV - I will never understand it. I popped my KTV cherry last night and I still have no idea why people find karaoke enjoyable. I do not pay to sing. Ridunkulous.
  • Shopping for sex toys is always fun.
  • Denise knows how to draw penises with jello very well.

Now... back to the horizontal position under my comfy covers. Enjoy Sunday, kids!