If you told me five years ago, in 2010, that, in five years time, this is how my life would turn out like, I would have probably laughed at you. And being the asshole I was then, I would have probably also laughed at your ugly trainers.

Fast forward five years later when I'm actually wearing trainers on a daily basis because fuck heels unless you're having a curb-to-car day as I'm sitting on my future sister-in-law's couch writing this, I still can't believe what my life has turned out to be.


"It's our families that shape us from the very beginning...but it is our friends that truly define us along the road. They are the ones we get to invite into our lives...become a fierce scout of amazing friends. Make your crew your finest act of curatorial courage"

The person who said "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" must've lived a miserable life. I found the quote a friend posted on Instagram this morning to be so, so apt. I can truly say I've rid myself of toxic relationships, fake bitches and people who are just unworthy of my time, my thoughts or my energy. I'm focusing my energy on relationships that matter, no matter how many miles away.


Family always has a way of pissing you off some way or another but if you haven't grown up from hating your parents ways of your teenagehood, you have a problem. I have a better relationship with my parents as I grow older, and especially now that they are better acquainted with my husband-to-be. 2014 was also the year John got introduced to my extended family - my cousins I grew up with, my aunts, uncles and my Blob.


 It's been a strange year on the job front for me - there were high highs and low lows and right now, I'm still trying to figure out what makes sense for me in the future.


One of my resolutions last year was to be in the fittest shape I have ever been in my life, and thanks to training and diet implemented by my trainer, I actually did achieve that. Of course, the last month of feasting has eventually cancelled everything out, but Day 1 starts tomorrow.

"And He found you lost and guided you." Quran 93.7

My soul has also been nourished quite a bit this year; I found strength in God many many times. Faith is something I have always had, but has only strengthened with age. I am only one person; I need to believe in something bigger than me, and turn to Him and be in eternal gratitude for the life I lead.

Here's to an even better 2015. Lots of changes to come in my life, that's for sure.