Just When I Thought It Was Getting Drama-less

... the empire strikes back. I love fashion. I have never been someone who has thought of fashion as everything - because I'd be a whole lot skinnier if I did. While I love fashion, I detest the kind of people it breeds - bitchy, self-centred conniving little cunts who are out to cull the next person because their shoes are so last season.

I was at a Uniqlo event earlier today after I hit the gym, and of course, it's not surprise that there was a whole gaggle of bloggers on their iPhones and Blackberries and whatnots. Little did I know, they were openly bitching about me and my "fake Celine bag".

The bag in question is here. It's not a fake - it's inspired. It doesn't have Celine stamped on it, and if you tell me you're not wearing anything that hasn't been inspired by something else, I'd kiss your blogger bum. Everything from Zara is runway-inspired, and so is everything from the blogshops you frequent. There's nothing wrong about shopping where you shop as long as it works and you're not rocking the mother of a cameltoe, and as long as you shave your legs when you're wearing a dress.

I don't understand why there is this instinctive need to constantly be bitchy - in the industry itself, it's hierarchical: your bosses are bitchy to you, and you end up, in time, bitter, jaded and even bitchier to your juniors. And now, this disgusting quality has transcended to bloggers as well.

It's pathetic.

And I thought I'd clear this up - I'm not a blogger, I'm a writer with a blog. Most of my income is from my writing for various publications in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

And I could afford a Celine - except I'm using that money and more to spend this fall in big US of A.