Sleepless in Siam

I'm baaaack! I know you must've missed me. Bangkok was just as I remembered it - chaotic, full of energy, life and kickass food. Contrary to the "oooh, shopping!" comments I get when I tell people I've just spent close to a week in Bangkok, I haven't done all that much shopping. It's a mix of being distracted by street food, not being arsed to look since the clothes won't get past my shoulders anyway and knowing that it's mostly shit quality. I did, however, look up some wicked Thai jewellery designers and got a few great pieces from them. Basically, J and I spent our Bangkok trip sleeping in, eating, rooftop bar-hopping, frolicking in VIE Hotel's rooftop infinity pool, devouring all sorts of fruits [including durian, much to my boyfriend's dismay cos' it stank up our whole room], climbing up a shitload of stairs, and eating some more.

VIE Bangkok was the perfect place to stay - barely half a block to the subway stop, two blocks to Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon and MBK and it has the perfect infinity pool that looks over the bustling streets of Bangkok. I love it!

We went to Baan Khanita for my birthday dinner, and the food was so bloody good. I had the red curried roasted duck with grapes, and J had this incredibly spicy steamed fish thing he loved.

And, introducing my newly blinged up, incredibly Ah Lian-esque phone: