Love List #48

Holy f*ck, it's July! Where did six months of the year go?!

* Harry freakin' Potter WHAT THE HELL GUYS. Why didn't anybody convince me to read the Harry Potter books when everybody was reading them?! My brother sent me the Kindle format for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I have been hooked. I haven't been able to put it down. Nevermind I am about 14 years late, at least I'm on to it, right? If it's any consolation I have watched all the movies. For some reason though, I did pick up Twilight to figure out what the fuss was about and I almost gorged my eyes out reading the first page - it's such bad literature! And the movie?! I watched it on my 33-hour journey to Texas and even then I felt like it was 1+hrs of my life I was never gonna get back. But, Harry Potter = Fab!

* J I'm not one of those girlfriends who insists that her boyfriend ring her everyday or text her everyday. I like when J texts or rings me out of the blue, and completely randomly. But of late, since he's on his summer break, I've been seeing him mighty often and have gotten very used to it. Unfortunately for me, he's spending more than a month back home in the US so since I've been back home from Bangkok, I've been moping and sulking. He's been gone for barely five days but it feels a whole lot longer. July is going to be one looong month.

* Fourth of July Happy 4th of July, Americans! I love America. For Ihop,  for Victoria's Secret, for Tex Mex, for countless hours of entertainment. I can't wait to fly 24 hours across the world to go back!

* Kitchen Culture Being pissed at my mum [more about that in another post. I haven't spoken to her for four days now.] has done me a lot of good because I've been whipping up my own meals. Today I made really good zuchinni soup.

* Weeds While I wept the end of Californication, I am elated that Weeds is back! I only wish they'd revive Pushing Daises - I loved that series.

I'm going to cut this Love List short, because I have finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I am now halfway through Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets! I want a robe and a wand too!

What's on your Love List?