Beauty H2T

While Tyra Banks preaches about modelling head-to-toe [crazy as she is, I still watch America's Next Top Model], I've been receiving a lot of lovin' head-to-toe, in the beauty department, that is. Beauty H2T Lovin' #1

For my birthday, J got me a giftcard [best gifts ever, so I get to shop for myself!] and I got for myself the Urban Decay Naked Palette that has been much raved about. I also got the Big Fatty Mascara that I love [and not just because of the name and the packaging]. Thanks, Boyfriend! ;o) Of course, now I need a cheat sheet from Andrea to figure out the Naked Palette.

Beauty H2T Lovin' #2

The lovely Sarah from Word of Mouth Communications sent me Crabtree & Evelyn's Intensive Conditioning Foot Mask from their brand new La Source Collection. She must have seen what a wreck my feet are - they resemble hooves more than they do feet, so the mask was definitely much needed. For $48 a pop, you'll be treated to a luxuriously rich and moisturising foot mask perfect for feet that need some major TLC - particularly if you're fond of trotting around in heels, like I do. Containing a detoxifying clay to help draw out impurities, the fab-smelling concoction is a mix of shea butter and mango seed oil which will leave your feet baby bum-soft. Or close! And in case you need proof that I am practising what I preach, here are my feet mid-mask:

Beauty H2T Lovin' #3

I was also recently treated to experience the Scentsational Massage at Spa Esprit in Dempsey. It was a much-needed massage because J left a few days before and I had a massive blowout with my parents just the night before. I welcomed the massage with wide open arms.

If you haven't been to Spa Esprit at Dempsey, you should. I love it. I swear by Spa Esprit's hair removal services, whether it's at Browhaus or Strip, the services are stellar; although more recently it's been really hard trying to get an appointment at Browhaus cos' it's always fully booked. That aside, in Browhaus and Strip, I trust, so naturally, I expected nothing short of the best from the massage.

I love getting kneaded and pounded to a pulp of blissful oblivion. My best massages involve a small Thai woman standing on my back, an Indonesian woman cracking my waist, and another Thai woman giving me the best head massage of my life. Of course, this didn't happen all at once at the same massage.

After picking a scented oil with the help of the staff at spa esprit, I was led into the room where the masseuse arrived just shortly after I changed into a robe. The massage I received was pleasant - I don't think the pressure was consistent, but it was not uncomfortable, so I didn't mind it too much. I would have preferred a stronger massage but I didn't want her to break her back. Heh.

Spa Esprit is great for a couple-day-out on a lazy Sunday where you can start with a massage, and then late lunch and cocktails [or mocktails!] at House, or even Spanish food at Don Quijote.