A Kilo Gained at Kilo

While we often made Don Quijote our hangout, Dewi [who needs to set up a blog pronto!],  Andrea and I decided to try something new, and much to my delight, they agreed to go to Kilo, a joint I've been dying to check out. I've actually whipped up blurbs about the place for two different publications, thanks to Ekta, who raves about the restaurant. So we made our way there in a cab and it's much less of a hassle than I expected it to be. Kilo is really close to Kallang MRT station, so if you're not tottering in six-inch heels, you can really walk there, especially if you're looking to get your stomach growling for the kickass dinner you're gonna devour. Of course, I really enjoy walking, particularly if I'm in comfortable shoes so if you find it too far a distance, don't throw rocks at me.

We ordered a bunch of things to share [in order of the photos]: Appetisers - Mango Tuna Poke [that Andrea didn't eat cos' she doesn't eat fish], steak tartare [that Dewi didn't eat cos' she was squeamish about eating raw red meat], figs stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped with bacon [that I didn't eat cos' I don't eat pork], and Mains - braised duck [which was SO GOOD! I love duck!] and tenderloin.

As you can probably tell, we enjoyed our meal:

But the best has yet to come - dessert. We had an order of lemon tarts, chocolate lava cake with - get this - basil sorbet. And f*ck me, it's the best sorbet I've ever had in my life, and I'm not even a fan of ice cream and/ or sorbet!

Andrea's only gripe about Kilo, aside from the fact that they don't serve cocktails ["You always need a drink when you have three kids."], is that they have a teensy mirror in the bathroom. According to her, you could be on a date and you'd need to check yourself out before heading back to your date, so a big mirror is necessary. I have to agree - people love checking themselves out in the mirror anyway.

Our bill came up to about $208, and Andrea and Dewi both had alcoholic drinks. Very affordable, considering the fact that we were waddling out of the restaurant stuffed to the brim.

Make sure you make reservations before you go - Kilo is meant to house very few patrons and it gets booked a lot of the time! I can't wait to go back!

Kilo 66 Kampong Bugis, #02-01, Singapore, Singapore 338987 Tues - Sat: 6pm - Midnight Sun Brunch: 11am - 3pm Tel: +65 6467 3987