When I Grow Up, I Wanna... Work in the Media

I wanted the next person I profiled for When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be... series to be someone who's established her career and someone we can easily look up to, and having worked with Anita Kapoor recently, the answer was obvious. The sassy Anita will be hosting the second season of Can You Serve? a reality TV program on Channel 5 about customer service in Singapore. I met Anita on my first week at my internship at a magazine back in 2004. My editor then, Phin Wong, had me interview the cast of The Vagina Monologues, one of whom, was Anita. Over the years, as I've grown older, Anita seems to have figured out age reversal and grew way hot. Of course, she's more than just a pretty face, as this interview will tell ya.

You're quite the media tycoon doing so many things and taking over the world all at one go. Tell thedramadiaries about yourself?

Thanks for the awesome title thedramadiaries, but really I see myself as someone with a short attention span who loves new challenges. Everything I do is an extension of performance - it's my own drama diary! I've performed since I was a kid; but came to TV in a round about way, after spending time on the flip side, as a magazine editor. All my experiences in the media industry so far: TV, radio, magazines, online have served to inspire me professionally, and personally.

Did you always know you want to work in the media? How did your working at Elle Singapore transform to your taking over the world?

Yes, I always knew that my life would be about performance, sharing information, and being involved with people, I just hadn't a clue then it would all fall into place as it has, or that people would give me the opportunities I have received. Always thankful.

My first serious editorial job was at ELLE Singapore, and I can honestly say it was mind blowing at the time. I learnt everything (good) I had ever needed to know about writing, art direction, running a magazine and managing people, at ELLE. I had great teachers at the time, to whom I am forever thankful to. And, I really grew up there too.

Is there something you like doing more than all the others? TV over all the others maybe? And why?

I adore TV. It bring everything together: performance, quick thinking, humour, and an opportunity to tell a great visual story. Radio comes a close second ;-). Writing will always be my first love, but how I do it and how I imagine its next stage is very different from how I started writing.

How should one go about developing a career in TV?

Fearlessly. With integrity and commitment. Develop that first, before you enter the fray. Obviously, you need to be comfortable performing and being on display - in fact, performance should pretty much be your high or you're not going to love it. Practically, get your image out there, develop your abilities, go to auditions, network, get in front of the right people. Who you know is important: not to kiss ass, but to understand how it all works, who's doing what, and where you fit in. And remember: it's fleeting. Be thankful for the opportunities and experience.

There are a lot of bobble-head skinny b*tches in the industry you're in - how hard is it not to be bothered with not being a size that they are even though you're obviously fit and healthy?

Honestly? I've never cared much. I've never thought myself anything but normal sized, and I'm happy with it. Lollipops aren't the only candy in the shop, eh? Everyone is a different flavour.. room for all, really.

Tell us the truth - does life get easier as you get older?

Absofuckinglutely. You get more direct with yourself, and everyone else. No more bullshit. No more capacity for other people's bullshit. But you also become more thoughtful and less reactive. Instead, you buy a voodoo doll?

Tell us something funny that happened on a job!

There have been so many, where do I begin hahaha! Two do come to mind. I was on my first series of Bare Beauty, part of which was filmed in my home. We were working on a segment that showed me relaxing in a chair, legs hanging over the edge. It went on for a bit. When the director yelled cut, I jumped up, forgetting that my legs had gone numb, and went down like a pack of cards. We laughed till we cried, it was hilarious.

Second was when I was filming for Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Australia. The scene involved me taking a helicopter ride over some hills to a beautiful spot, to get into a four wheel drive to travel to Queensland's beautiful rain forests. Somehow the pilot got his co-ordinates about 400M wrong, and, we landed in the grounds of a low security hillside prison instead. Till today, the look on all our faces is imprinted in my memory - I am laughing hard as I type this.

There are obviously things you have to suck up and do for the sake of paying your bills. But there are others that you enjoy - tell us what are your favourite things about your job!

I don't suck anything to paying bills, sista! LOL. Quite simply, I love my crews. Without them, you don't happen. There are great crew here in Singapore, and I always feel extremely disappointed and annoyed when I hear they've been stiffed by production houses - especially the big names - but really, by anyone for that matter. It's a shockingly disrespectful occurrence, that should never be allowed to happen.

How has your sense of style developed since you've been in front of the camera?

I do most of my shopping when I am working hahaha! It makes sense. You know it looks good, on and off camera, buy it, dammit!

What makes a good tv show?

Me? Kidding. The sum of parts: great crew chosen for their particular ability in regards to the show genre - picking crew is a fine art; a professional production house with a good track record for producing superior work with excellent production values. A great idea: everything has been done, it's how you do it that makes it sparkle.

Tell us a beauty secret!

Great makeup artists who really know their craft. Andrea Claire. Celestine Sng. Beno Lim. I've worked with them all, and if they can make me look good, well! When I'm left to my own devices: MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer. And a slightly hysterical smile.

Radio, TV, Print - what else is to come in Anita World?

Stand up comedy? No, seriously. Do you think it's allowed in Hong Lim Park?

Anita Kapoor hosts Season 2 of Can you Serve on Channel 5, starting 26th July 9PM. Catch the show, bitches!