Lights, Camera, Action!

Andrea and I are currently working on a series of webisodes for a regional campaign for Clean & Clear. They're looking for the top BFF pair in Asia and they're going through an America's Next Top Model-style boot camp; which means, yes, we get to be in front of the camera too!

Even though it is work and it's only the first day, I've been finding it heaps of fun - and I wasn't even sulky when I sprung out of bed at 5.30 this morning.

They're gonna have a fashion challenge tomorrow, which means I'll be in front of the camera, and considering the fact that I'm a stylist and I have a ridiculously full wardrobe, I shouldn't have any trouble figuring out what to wear. But I do.

So many criterias to meet: I have to look hot [duh], it has to be decent enough for me to show my parents and put on my reel, I need to make sure I have nice enough shoes to wear it with, and I have to make sure I'm tall enough, yet short enough so I don't tower over the camera guys. Seriously. Like rocket science.

I finally have figured it out though. Now, just to bust my ass and batter my body in the gym before my close-up. ;o)