Slit Right Up to My Pits

Officially my favourite new dress from Zara, and the slit-up-to-your-pits has got to be my favourite trend of the new season. I was in Forever 21 bright and early at 8 this morning to shoot the second day of Clean & Clear's regional Top BFF campaign. Today's bootcamp saw them running amok in Forever 21's flagship store in Singapore, and I was their expert/ judge.

While I'm emceed half a billion times before, being in front of the camera is unnerving - your flaws are amplified, and well, people are looking at you closer than they would when you're just yakking onstage. I probably perspired a kilogram off today, from the stress and from how bloody hot the store was. [I'm sure it's not just me. Forever 21 stores around Singapore never seen to have enough AC on!]

Anyhow, I love this dress so much I'm contemplating of buying another. Legs, legs, legs! ;o)

P.S.: My brother's the PA on set, thus his lurking around in the background.