Clean & Clear Top BFFs Shoot

The Clean & Clear shoot I did last week has easily been one of my favourite non-still photography shoots ever. While I have probably been on hundreds of sets, there aren't many where I enjoy working and mucking around with the cast and crew as much as I have had on this one - of course, it helped that half of the people in the crew were people I already knew - and the other half, were just as wicked awesome. Because it was Clean & Clear, styling wasn't a main focus, so I had my bright pops of colour which I love and minimal accessories, and let Andrea and her new assistant, Mag work their magic. [I know you can barely see them, but in the first photo where my fab assistant, Gaya, is steaming clothes, she has wicked cool boots on! Hot!]

You can see how elated I am to be assisting Andrea while she cut SG contestant, Nicole's, bangs; and our too-sexy-for-his-pink-cap director, Chris:

Andrea put a hot pink blush on me [which I have already promptly purchased] for the final judging, and even though I look like Death ran over after the ridiculously hot day on set, my cheeks look mega cute. I'm not sure why the photo I took on my iPhone makes me look like I have Manga eyes:

And my favourite photo all week? White girl thinking she's Asian:

Photos swiped from Isabelle from Team Philippines, and from my trusty iPhone.