I am a body scrub nazi. I love scrubbing myself silly at the end of a long work day - whether it's with The Body Shop's Cactus Brush that I've bought over and over again since the time I first received it as a birthday gift when I was 14, or various sea salt or body scrubs I've tried and tested.

I like hardcore scrubs. Scrubs that have heavy duty exfoliant - meaning the smoother my skin is after use, the more I'm likely to buy the scrub again. And trust me when I say I have tried hundreds of scrubs over the years and my favourite are two: Pradasari Mandi Lulur [that I buy in cartons when in Indonesia because it's ridiculously cheap - like $0.50] and Lemongrass House's Sea Salt Body Glow.

I discovered Lemongrass House when J and I were in Phuket, and I found it half a block down from our lovely resort. While my boyfriend was moving at a glacial pace as he would in the mornings and when he went on holiday, I was a kid in a candy shop when I discovered the plethora of body scrubs they had in store.

In the span of fifteen minutes, I had bought half a dozen of scrubs, two blocks of soap and some body cream for my mum [which she has yet to crack open and try] and I was devastated when I finished them up in early June. Of course of some stupid reason, I didn't bother looking up the store, thinking that it is a one-off speciality store in Phuket.

To my delight, whilst walking around the top floor of Raffles City [which I'm never at - I stop at the second floor], I found a Lemongrass House store and bought myself more body scrubs! It's to no surprise of course, that the prices were higher than that of Phuket's but when you find a gem this good, you gotta suck it up - it's not all that much anyway - $22 for a full tub of scrub-a-dub-dub goodness! My favourites are the lemongrass scent [duh], lavender, wild mint and vanilla, the latter of two I couldn't find in the store yesterday.

Lemongrass House has four outlets in Singapore: Liang Court #B1-26 Tel: 6100 0807;  #B2-14, 313 @ Somerset Tel: 6100 0806;  PARCO P3-20 Millenia Walk Tel: 6100 0309 & 03-07A Raffles City Shopping Centre Tel: 6336 7109.