Love List #50

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* Let's start the 50th Love List with something lovely I'm looking forward to - J is coming home [or back, whichever way you wanna see it] in two weeks! I can't wait for him to get back. :o) Remember when I was moping about how I had seven weeks to go? The two weeks will whizz past like crazy because I'm up to my retinas with work and more's just rolling in!

* Stealth Mode I work with and for so many people, I don't know whom to call client, or boss. Anyway, the owner of SOLE 2 SOLE, Lynette, whose fab store I do PR for, just came back from a buying trip in London and she bought me this supastylin' Stealth hat by United Nude. It is so wicked cool I'm absolutely floored. I can't wait to wear it, but yet it's so precious I don't want to wear it. Here's a question - would you wear this hat? [Mine's in a shade of bright scarlet red, by the way!]

* No Shopping Promise Remember this? You should - it's only been three days. Before you get excited and go, "HAH! I told you so!" thinking I've gone off on another massive spree in Zara, I haven't! And I'm going strong! I know three days isn't a long time but you don't know how hard it is when your life revolves around malls - I have meetings in malls, I work in malls, I source for clothes in malls - for heavens' sake, my gym is in the top floor of a mall! One day after I made the promise, I fell in love with a hot pink bag [which I might get when I'm in New York!] and I almost checked out a pair of bathers for my next beach holiday - but I resisted! Of course, when I came home today, I saw the full effect of my spending [I blame it on the fact that J is away and I substituted companionship for clothes] - three packages from ASOS, one package from American Apparel and one package from eBay. Holy shit, I cannot shop.

* Old School Viewmaster I'm not a girl who dreams of a big frothy wedding dress, or a Vogue Weddings-worthy big day. I dream of a all-kinds-of-badass honeymoon nobody can top, and a home that has been decorated with knick knacks that I've already started collecting from my travels. This Viewmaster Wedding Invites idea, though, is so cool. It'll set you back over $3,000 for only 100 invites, but it's surely a wedding invite I'd keep forever. Actually if I got them made for my wedding, I'd probably never want to send it out. Heh.

* Halloween Go ahead and roll your eyes at me, but I'm already trying to figure out what to be this Halloween. I've already been all I've wanted to be - Queen of Hearts, a sailor pin-up girl, amongst other things, so I haven't got any cool ideas. Maybe it's time I actually look scary for Halloween instead of skanky.

* Pilates Thanks to a sheer stroke of stupidity, I went to two back-to-back Pilates classes today after not going for one for months. I can throw a mean punch, my core needs work but I'm ridiculously inflexible. Is flexibility genetic? Because my brother, as super fit as he is, can't even bend his arm and have his fingers rest on his shoulders at all. Anyway, that said, even though I'm going to wake up tomorrow aching like I've been battered up, I'm thinking of joining a yoga place that teaches yoga right from the very beginners' level, instead of one at the gym. Any suggestions?

* MacBook Air I've bought myself a MacBook Air! As much as I adore my Pro, it's much too much of a hassle when I have to carry a laptop case, my bag, and my gym bag when I have to work out of home, and it seems that heaps of people want me so often I have no choice but to work out of home. I'm twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of my new baby to arrive.

What's on your Love List this week, kids?

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