Massimo Dutti FW 2011 Launch

What happens when you get invited to an event that tells you to bring your little one, and you don't plan to get knocked up for the moment? Bring your fab friend who has a cute little genius for a daughter, that's what. Zoie and Andrea need no introduction on this blog - they were my dates for the Massimo Dutti Fall Winter 2011. Let's start with my outfit: I was wearing red v-neck tee from Forever 21, vintage high-waisted pants I bought in Berlin. My flats were $10 from Australia. Zoie however, was wearing sparkly silver shoes by Michael Kors that probably cost more than my whole outfit.

When the fashion show started, instead of telling her mother that she wants to model like the rest of the kids, Zoie took it upon herself to dabble in a more lucrative and longer-lasting career - photography. Although she calls herself a hobbyist now, with photos like the ones below when you're three, you might never know what this talent might lead to:

There were all these beautiful half-Asian half-Caucasian kids in the show, and I was particularly enamoured by this one. Her older brother was in the fashion show, and when Zoie came to talk to her, she was gleefully showing off to Zoie her My Little Pony whose head could spin 360°.