Eid 2011

The best part about Eid, other than the fact that I get to spend time at home with the people I love, are the kids that come to visit. As more of my cousins get hitched, more of them get knocked up and in turn, more kiddos come to visit. And even though they're not family by blood, they're more of family to me than some of the people who actually are - Zoie came with Andrea earlier in the day:

My cousin had four kids - all of them incredibly adorable, but for the hour that they were in our house, I actually rethought my desire to procreate - while they were incredibly cute, they were also an incredible handful. My mother had the brilliant idea of handing out lollies when they arrived and they were bouncing off the walls, playing catch, playing with everything in my room [including looking through my wardrobe] and playing hide-and-seek. Let's just say after the hour, I felt like I didn't need to go for a run anymore. But Aunt Faz also felt loved. [Also, they got more Hari Raya cash from me if they didn't address me as 'Aunt']

I'm thrilled that the c*nts in my paternal family no longer visit and I don't have to have my fists tensed ready to sock them in the face. Good riddance I say - get rid of the bad blood. Blood is thicker than water? In my family it is - and you're not a part of it.