TTYL Now, I'm off to NYC!

Even though my boyfriend is back safe and sound in Singapore, I'm off to my spiritual homeland - New York City. Yes, we're quite literally swopping places in the world, being the jetsetters that we are. ;o)

You'll have to excuse my lack of tweeting [although I'm sure you'd rather be spared with my constant complains and rambunctious claims to hurl my body overboard an aircraft out of boredom and having to go cold turkey from the Internet] for the next 24 hours of so until I sort myself out with a US cell number and then you can indulge in my New York City adventures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In other news, expect changes on thedramadiaries! Don't freak out - they're awesome changes. Since this site is officially another year older this September, with the help of the gorgeous Renee, and a few other talented folks, we're giving my baby a good spruce-up!