I'm Baaaack!

I'm back - and even though one of my bags is somewhere in the world, I'm glad I'm home in my own bed. I know you've missed me as much as I have you - and that's heaps! I'm not massively jetlagged, but I still am a tad bit, so I've spent the last couple of hours unpacking. Here's what I've learnt, some of which I already know.

1. Unpacking after a trip is a royal bitch. 2. Laundry, after a trip is even a bigger bitch. Especially if you handwash most, if not all, of your nice clothes. 3. I have gone apeshit at Victoria's Secret - I washed fifteen new knickers. Seriously, I can go two weeks without having to do lingerie laundry. 4. I brought back half of Whole Foods in my bag.

I'm going through my ginormous pile of photos - so expect heaps of posts, amongst other changes on thedramadiaries!