Love List #22

Closer/The Edge of Love/Marie Antoinette/The Edge of Love
* Krabi I'm really excited about going away again, even though it's so close and it's only for a few days. Getting away from drama and reality is something I've been needing desperately. Fresh seafood, crystal clear waters and a good book on a hammock maketh a perfect getaway, and I think that's exactly what I'll be getting.

* Post Secret I doubt there is anyone in the Internet realm who hasn't went on to Post Secret and gone, "Ohmygosh, he/she does that too?!" I know I have, many times. I applaud Frank Warren for all his efforts putting the site together, and giving otherwise voiceless individuals, somewhere to confide.

* mac I've been taking my mac forgranted these past couple of years, it's only when I have to use my brother's PC for a whopping five days straight, then I realise how much I adore Apple-anything and that I couldn't stand to use a PC. Life on a mac is so much easier

* Bangs I'm shopping around for hairdressers once again, and today I'm going to get bangs from a friend of a friend. I'm sorta nervous about getting a haircut from someone new, since she could easily fuck up my hair, but you gotta do what you gotta do, huh. Unless of course, there comes a time when I make so much money I fly to Texas to get a hair cut. But considering my state of joblessness [sounds better than unemployment], I'm not keeping my hopes up.

* 2010 Vanessa once told me a theory about how odd years tend to be unlucky, while even years are the opposite. While I have had a lot of good things happen to me this year, I've also had a lot of bad things happen and I can't wait to get to the 31st and go, "Thank God it's over!" Even though I would inching closer to my mid-twenties [I'm not there yet! Thank God!], I think 2010 will be a good year.

What's on your Love List this week?

<3 Loving you and leaving you always!