I used to travel heaps when I was a kid, and even if it's around the region, we'd always go somewhere during the school holidays. When I was seven, my dad bought me and my brother each so at the end of every trip, we'd have rolls and rolls of film to develop. Of course, half of it would be us shoving our fingers into the shutter, but some of the other half would turn out nice. And of course, there's nothing quite like the anticipation of your photographs to be printed. Fast forward to today when I've become even too lazy to fish out my camera and rely on my iPhone, it takes me forever to finish a roll of film in my lomo cameras that I don't remember when I popped the roll in, so it's always a fun surprise. This roll went all the way back to last Winter when I went to India for Chandni's brother's big Bollywood wedding. Here's a chronological photographic wanderlusting journey of my fish eye:

Henna-ed hands in India, Winter 2010

Koh Lanta with J, Spring Break 2011

New York City, Fall 2011

And this is a photo of my camera taking a photo in my bag. #win