Woollen dress [worn as top], Burberry from Nordstrom Rack; Ruffled cream skirt, Lanvin x H&M; Fringed bag, Desti Saint; Flats, Meher Kakalia.

I've stayed in various parts of New York City in the times I've been there; from Xiao's place in Astoria, to Bed-Stuy, to all the way downtown near Wall Street, and most of the time during the time I was there, we rented an apartment up in Harlem. My favourite things around the area, aside from the cool characters that walked the street, were the super cool backdrops I could take photos of my outfit with. This was in front of the police station!

It helped that I had Miriam to snap the photos for me. I think it's time I handed the camera over to J and have him master the top-tilt. ;o)