While I'm a big chocolate slut, I'm not all that much a big fan as cake. Actually, I'm not going to run anybody over unless it's for good chocolate, but I've had a change of opinions recently.

Jolene, whom I connected with during my days on Livejournal, is the Asian Nigella Lawson. She bakes up a storm in the kitchen to create to-die-for cupcakes and recently decided to officially make it a business - Cupcake Weekend. I recently ordered some for my SOLE 2 SOLE event last month, and the cupcakes were gone before the event ended.

I love her cupcakes because unlike overly showy cupcakes with icing and all that crap, she just focuses on making cupcakes you can actually eat instead of those that are there for show.

And... she's made a special thedramadiaries cupcakes that you can order! Made lovingly from Valrhona Caraïbe dark chocolate with whiskey and topped with gold flakes, the cupcakes pack a punch. She can make them virgin (i.e.: without alcohol) too if you want them!

I have got to be the world's messiest cupcake eater ever.

How you're not already calling her for two dozen of these babies, I know not. ;o)

And in case you need to know who's baking the cupcakes for ya, here's Jolene with her army of cameras.

Cupcake Weekend will be at Hooked.On.Flea at TAB (Orchard, opposite Forum) this Saturday, 1 Oct from 12-3pm.