Welcome to the newly revamped thedramadiaries. I wanted my site to be less cluttered, so navigation is at the top and bottom - easy peasy, and you get nothing but oodles of awesome content in this one-column blog. The site redesign was thanks to the tech ingenuity of Renee, and the illustration was commissioned by me specially by an Indonesian designer that I will profile very soon. My Wanderlust & Connect pages aren't up and running yet, but I know you've missed me [as I have missed you!], so I wanted my site up and runnin' once more! I haven't blogged as much since I've been back from New York not just because I've been bloody busy, but I also wanted to keep and have heaps of content to blog about regularly when thedramadiaries has been relaunched. Anyhow, in the spirit of newness, I thought I'd take you through the latest additions of my wardrobe.

1. Hot Pink Balenciaga - This was my big purchase in New York - and it's my first designer bag. I've never felt the need to max out my cards collecting designer bags as a lot of people do, but I figured since I can afford this one and it's in such a ridunkulously awesome shade of pink, why the hell not?!

2. Lulu Guinness Ice Cream Hut Bag I eyed this from the moment I saw the order line sheet for Spring Summer 2011 last year. Thanks to my lovely colleague Jessica who kept one for me, and thanks to my awesome staff discount at SOLE 2 SOLE, this baby is finally mine. I mean, seriously, it's a bag in the shape of an ICE CREAM HUT. How adorable. I die, I die.

3. Red Dorothy shoes Because every girl need a pair of red patent shoes, and mine died on me. These aren't necessarily the most comfortable shoes I own, but they're so damn pretty. And with feet the size of canoes like mine, you can't be too choosy when you're on the hunt for something quite specific.