Last Sunday, I spent my afternoon half naked in a car driving around some 'hoods for a shoot with the lovely duo, Kate and Maisha - the brilliant minds behind, a to-be-launched international online retailer that curates cult, quality Asia Pacific brands. When launched, they will mainly carry emerging and recently-established designers from all over Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and let's just say I've checked out the brands they'll be stocking and they're fab!

I will be guest blogging on their site soon [with a post about my favourite haunts in New York!], so watch my Twitter for highlights! In the meantime, here are some shots from the shoot, featuring some of my humble shoe collection:

1. My new Manolos - worn for the first time on this shoot. Bought for a ridunkulously low price in New York.

2. My Christmasy Ribbony shoes - that I've had for five years now, and worn maybe twice. They're too pretty to be worn when I'm on my feet... ;o)

3. Miss Selfridge Polka-dotted pumps that hurt like a motherf*cker when I have them on, but they're soooo pretty.

4. All my favourite babies together

Photos by Kate,